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Our commitment to the environment and our design vision go hand in hand. Our hope is to influence our industry and our clients to reduce overconsumption. Our promise: sustainable furnishings thanks to quality, timelessness and localized manufacturing.

  • Less is better.

    The greenest kitchen is one that you will never have to replace. And to offer this lifetime kitchen, we work tirelessly to put all of our know-how into creating decors that will stand the test of time with panache.

  • Second life.

    If you’re renovating an existing kitchen, be aware that you might find a taker for your old cabinets, as opposed to having them wind up in a dumpster. By selling or donating your kitchen furnishings, you will be giving your kitchen a second life, bringing joy to a new home while reducing the impact of environmental waste.

  • A thoughtful design.

    Creativity, aesthetic, and concern for the environment can co-exist perfectly. But the reflection that goes into getting us there is long-term and never taken lightly: ours is an unrelenting search and a profound desire to bring into question what, even just yesterday, was considered as obvious.

Our principles.

Our definition of good design is built on principles; they are our shining beacons to moving us forward to where we want to go.

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    The harmony found in a refined space with rich and well-made materials is the basis of a successful kitchen aesthetic. It’s a room that breathes, a place where you feel zen. It’s a minimalism where everything feels like it’s perfectly placed.

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    The design of a room has to be functional and each detail must be carefully thought out. From the design of the cabinets to the kitchen accessories, functionality dictates how everything is pulled together.

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    The advanced technology in our manufacturing facilities allow us to develop and produce the highest quality materials. Our products age beautifully and are guarateed for life.

    *Certain conditions apply to the lifetime warranty.

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    We take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously. Therefore, we make sure that our materials come from both traceable and certified sources. We work with suppliers who have environmental certifications, and we are well on our way to obtaining B-Corps certification.

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    By aiming for best practices in our region, we hope to be making a positive impact on our industry. Conversely, we work closely with suppliers who also take to heart the environment, and we are inspired by their innovative ideas.

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    Committed and enlightened: That’s the kind of innovation we want to see hatch within our walls. Before bringing a new concept into the world, we evaluate it from every angle and we ensure that it isn’t a passing fad but instead a viable and sustainable concept over time.

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    For us, good design breathes humanity. A well thought out decor has as much personality as the people who live in it. At Miralis, this humanity is equally palpable in our corporate culture. We value our people as much as we care for the kitchens we make, and we believe this shines through in our products.