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Countertops are where we cut, knead, or rustle up our culinary creations. They are also spaces to let our imagination run wild as well as real and reliable work surfaces. And that’s why the materials in your different kitchen surfaces are of crucial importance.

Factory-manufactured natural stone

Two materials, one level of quality. Whether you choose sintered stone or ultra-compact surfaces, Miralis only offers the highest quality materials. These two products, with matte or glossy finishes, marry esthetics with efficiency and are made of minerals that pay tribute to nature.

European inspiration.

For some time now, Miralis has had its eyes glued to European best practices, well known throughout the industry. It’s from this space that we came up with the idea of innovative materials. Having spent years testing all kinds of countertops, there’s no longer any doubt: the factory--manufactured natural stone that we transform in our manufacturing plant, thanks to equipment on the cutting edge of technology, are to this day unmatched.


Sintered stone and ultra-compact surfaces are green products. Firstly, they’re durable and have no limits. But also because they are made from natural minerals, thus paying tribute to nature. And when the sintered stone needs to be discarded, it can be pulverized and reused as a raw material, without creating any waste. A green loop that knows no end. 

Multiple use.

Sintered stone and ultra-compact surfaces are ideal to equip oneself with countertops resistant to heat, shock, abrasions, and scratchs. Both non-porous, the two materials are antibacterial and practically impossible to stain. Why not even consider these materials for a bathroom counter, as flooring in a room, or as a backsplash?

Must-have island.

It’s central to everything. An island is a hub, a meeting place, a space for exchanging ideas. Whether hosting happy hour, doing homework or preparing candle-light suppers, it’s proven to be practical from morning to night. It gives you even more reason to choose your counter with all the care it deserves!

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