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Products Curio

Unique to Miralis, the Curio is a refined piece of furniture that does not go unnoticed. Perfect for displaying your treasures and infusing character into your living space, it’s a true centrepiece.

Glass and light.

The captivating feature of this unique piece of furniture comes from its composition of glass and integrated LED lighting. Strategically built into each shelf to avoid glare, the LEDs ensure uniform light.

The starring role.

Custom-made, the Curio can be built into existing furniture or made as a stand-alone piece to play a starring role in your home. Its concealed hinges give it a clean look, and as for the choice of materials, it’s all up to you: the range of possibilities is enormous.

Treasures on full display.

Some of our objects are precious souvenirs, works of art or even collector’s pieces. Rather than hiding and protecting them at the bottom of a box somewhere, why not showcase them? In your Curio, they’ll be securely stored and in full view.

The Contemporary and the transitional.

  • 01

    The Contemporary.

    The charm of the Contemporary Curio is in its graceful lines and stand-out black aluminum framing. Its minimalist style draws your eyes to the precious objects inside.

  • 02

    The Transitional.

    The Transitional Curio can be integrated into other built-ins as a small glass showcase in a kitchen or bathroom, or as a standalone piece of furniture. It’s wide range of materials is vast, giving you a lot of choices.

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