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Working at Miralis

Miralis is the sum of all its talented staff. Our team’s openness, innovation and camraderie are fundamental to who we are. For more than 45 years, we’ve pulled together all of our resources and know-how with one sole objective in mind: to be a positive influence on the industry, and the kitchen of tomorrow.


Our corporate culture.

It’s our great pleasure

At Miralis, we believe in sharing our knowledge, our passions and our experiences. Friendly teamwork drives us to perform, and freedom of expression is something we welcome.

Elbow to elbow 

From production to marketing, by way of information technology, R+D, customer service and our administration, we stick together. By combining the many strengths within the group are we able to highlight the individual talent of each member of the team. Working together. Sharing ideas. That’s what a workday at Miralis looks like. The energy that flows between our walls is palpable, and it galvanizes us to work harder every day.

Intergenerational wealth

At Miralis, youth and experience each has its value, and putting the two together is more than a good thing. By providing a space for a clash of ideas, we are able to push the limits of our creativity.

The Miralis Zone.

The Zone is the name we give to our social initiatives within the company. It helps form strong bonds between all of our employees. Happy hour get-togethers, sugar shack outings, contests, suprises, summer and Christmas parties, all of these occasions make our corporate culture come alive, as well as generating a sense of pride and appreciation for being part of the Miralis family.

Our values.

As human as it is innovative, Miralis shares with its team members values with which we are building the future.

  • 01.


    Change doesn’t scare us. As an avant-garde company, we are in constant evolution so that we can stay ahead of the pack.

  • 02.


    As in any good family, our secret lies in communication, cooperation and the desire to grow together.

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    Because we like to challenge the status quo, we enjoy making teams that are fired up for the sole purpose of reinventing themselves. To achieve excellence, however, we also feel it’s essential to be flexible.

  • 04.


    It goes without saying that the customer comes first, but our growth also relies on the importance of our team members.

  • 05.

    Keeping it positive

    We know how to have fun and how to celebrate our successes.