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  • © Design : Square Footage, Ontario — Photo : Valerie Wilcox
  • © Design : Salt, Usa — Photo : Marcel Thomas Sances
  • © Design : Quartier C & Michaël Godmer, Québec — Photo : Catherine C Lavallée
  • © Design : FJORD Intérieurs, Québec — Photo : Photographie Intérieure
  • © Design : Groupe Cartier, Québec — Photo : Photographie Intérieure
  • © Design : Decori Kitchens, Usa — Photo : Macchia photography
  • © Design : FJORD Intérieurs, Québec — Photo : Photographie Intérieure
  • © Design : Astro Design Centre, Ontario — Photo : Marc Fowler

Creators of emotions

With its roots firmly anchored to the Lower St-Laurent region for 45 years, Miralis creates spaces for better living today, tomorrow and in 20 years. We are all about 100% bespoke kitchens and timeless décor, where families gather, foodies experiment and friends reinvent the world.

New materials

Discover our latest innovation from our recent launch!


The essential ingredient to find what you love begins with inspiring images. Discover our mosaic of inviting and inspiring spaces.


Our products stand out because of their clean, minimalist lines. Blending timeless design with advanced engineering, these are the products that have made our reputation. Thanks to the variety of materials and colors, they allow you to personalize your kitchen design down to the smallest detail, making it unique. Like you.

Our partner boutiques

Close to us, close to you. Our 120 retail partners are your facilitators to creating a dream project. Take the first step by finding the address nearest you.

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