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  • Design : FJORD Intérieurs | Photo : Photographie Intérieure
  • Design : Astro Design Centre | Photo : Marc Fowler
  • Design : Fines Cuisines | Photo : Simon Bonnallie
  • Design : Groupe Cartier | Photo : Photographie ntérieure
General description

Laminate, a highly versatile material, offers an amazing variety of colours and textures. Easily mistaken for real wood, it allows you to build a kitchen with a natural and realistic finish.

  • Wide range of colours and finishes
  • Imitates a variety of authentic, natural woods
  • Affordable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Neolaminate 04
    • Master Oak natural Neolaminate 0H913
    • Master oak brown Neolaminate 1131
    • Master oak double fumed Neolaminate 0H914
    • Master oak light natural Neolaminate 0H915

    New release!

    Neolaminate is our latest laminate innovation. The result of a year of intensive global research, it is the most faithful and realistic replica of white oak ever created to date! This achievement is made possible by advanced technology that manages to recreate the natural appearance and unique feel of real wood with exceptional precision. Composed of 95% post-consumer wood, meaning recycled wood, this product proves to be an environmentally friendly and sustainable option in every way.

  • Laminate 25
    • Quietude Laminate K-84
    • Natura Laminate UL05
    • Lago Laminate K41
    • Dalia Laminate K24
    • Monaco Laminate K18
    • Mistral Laminate K14
    • Skye Laminate H54
    • Chiffon Laminate K60
    • Silk Laminate K61
    • Whisper Laminate K66
    • Shipshaw Laminate K83
    • Latitude North Laminate L530
    • Après-Ski Laminate M2015
    • Feather White Laminate K62
    • Sunset Grey Laminate 805
    • Willow Grey Laminate 802
    • Artic White Laminate 505
    • Super White Laminate 113
    • Super White Laminate M2004
    • Casting at first light Laminate M2007
    • Daybreak Laminate L764
    • Morning Dew Laminate L763
    • Moonlight Laminate L761
    • Fogo Harbour Laminate L565
    • Cannes Laminate K15

Recommended material combinations

    • Natura Laminate UL05
    • Bianco vittoria Sintered stone
    • Sea Feather Similacquer SA378
    • Willow Grey Laminate 802
    • Willow Grey Laminate 802
    • Dalia Laminate K24
    • Terra avana Sintered stone
    • Silk Laminate K61
    • High Tide Similacquer SA374-M
    • Bianco assoluto Sintered stone
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