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They are central to the design, efficiency and beauty of a space. There's no doubt: when time comes to build or renovate, you have to choose cabinets with the greatest of care.

The soul of a kitchen.

At the heart of every home, the kitchen. An assembly of furniture and frames with limitless possibilities, this space, more than any other, benefits from cabinets that are adapted to its specific configurations and, above all, to the needs of its homeowners. Anything can be changed, depending on volume, materials and the dimensions of the kitchen space itself. That’s why we offer you an almost limitless selection of finishes.

Built-ins, that's smart

Built-ins are a permanent feature of the walls and part of the architecture of a property. They blend into the décor and allow to perfectly optimize a space. This kind of furniture can be custom-made to complete the existing furnishings of your home, whether for a vestibule, an office or a walk-in closet.

Choice of door models.

Your cabinet doors give your space a unique personality. One-piece doors, perfectly uniform, offer a clean, minimalist and timeless look. The more traditional five-piece doors, on the other hand, have an undeniable cachet, whether the border is narrow or large. If chosen wisely, these key pieces will only bring you joy.

Handleless never gets old.

Door handles, like jewellery, are indicative of a certain time, and they can betray the age of a cabinet. Our inclination for timelessness made us develop two concepts for handleless cabinets. Choosing one of them will free your kitchen from the confines of time.

Beautiful, inside and out.

Every detail counts. That’s why our cabinets are as carefully made on the inside as they are on the outside. Easy to maintain and extremely durable, our interior finishes were designed to withstand weight and resist friction for years to come.

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