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Carefully selected for their durability, functionality and refined qualities, our materials and their combinations allow us to push the limits of creativity.   

  • World class.

    Coming from the Lower St-Laurent region, we always have our eyes open to the world and stay on the lookout for the latest and best-developed materials. Leaders ourselves in the field of custom kitchens, we influence industry and lead the way in durability, the most important quality to timeless design.

  • Promise to innovate.

    We rely on research and development to orchestrate two major product launches every year. Our team gives itself a license to dream, and we do what it takes to turn even the craziest of ideas into a reality, so long as the idea is carefully thought through.

  • Smart design.

    Our vision of design is the product of a deep, on-going process of reflection. For us, design means having a minimalist aesthetic that transcends time, making sure every detail serves a purpose and is responsible towards the environment—with materials that originate from traceable and certified sources.