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Whether it's eclectic or shows restraint, the kitchen is a reflection of our lifestyle. It's often where all gatherings take place, whether big or small. That's why a kitchen's design shouldn't be impulsive. Because we want it to be true to your DNA and stand the test of time, Miralis excels in making it as intelligent as it is timeless. Our kitchens are striking and are built to last.


In its Bas-Saint-Laurent factory, Miralis has been making kitchens with an air of refinement for more than 40 years. The recurring launch of new exclusive products, combined with a cutting-edge vision and unique know-how, have propelled the brand beyond our borders. Every day, daring and innovation inspire every move we make. What sets us apart? Our products have as much soul as they do style, making us and our partners true creators of emotions through 120 points of sale in Canada and the United States.


Determined to do things differently, Miralis designs and manufactures 100% custom kitchens. Our modus operandi? Establishing ourselves as a model company, equal parts human and innovative, a bit more every day. Our artisans use cutting-edge technologies to reinvent themselves and take their know-how above and beyond current trends. No programmed obsolescence here. Quality and consistency at the service of durability.

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Concerned by the health of the environment, Miralis positions itself as a leader in sustainable development. For us, the future is now!


  • Compliant with the CARB2 standard, ensuring formaldehyde emissions are kept under strict control during the transformation of wooden products.
  • Uses an energy-saving system for dust collectors (the most efficient in North America).
  • Uses solid wood from local forests, which helps to significantly reduce its transport-related environmental footprint and pollution.
  • Uses finishing products with low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.
  • Uses polyester doors that emit no formaldehyde (a gas harmful to human health and the environment).


  • Winner of the Hydro-Québec energy efficiency prize.
  • Recovery of finishing wastes such as solvents.
  • Elimination of paperwork in customer service offices.
  • Just-in-time practices, in both the plant and offices, to eliminate waste from overproduction in batches.
  • •Installation of solar covers that absorb heat, thus avoiding overuse of air conditioning.

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