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General description

A lower-cost option that mimics lacquer, similacquer is made using cutting-edge, technology that doesn’t react to heat. It’s available in several solid colours, with a matte or glossy finish, and its silky texture softens the appearance of your kitchen.

  • Humidity resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • No colour fading and UV resistant
  • Imitates lacquer at a lower cost
  • Varied colours and finishes
  • Visible assembly joints
  • Colors 12
    • Northern Floe Similacquer SA350-M
    • Sea Breeze Similacquer SA352-M
    • St. Lawrence Mist Similacquer SA354-M
    • Eastern Wind Similacquer SA356-M
    • Shoreline Breeze Similacquer SA358-M
    • Seashell Similacquer SA360-M
    • Sea Urchin Similacquer SA362-M
    • Pebble Beach Similacquer SA364-M
    • L'Isle Verte Similacquer SA372-M
    • High Tide Similacquer SA374-M
    • Coastal Foam Similacquer SA376-M
    • Sea Feather Similacquer SA378

Recommended material combinations

    • Coastal Foam Similacquer SA376-M
    • Urban White Oak Wood species N-500
    • Bianco vittoria Sintered stone
    • L'Isle Verte Similacquer SA372-M
    • Chiffon Laminate K60
    • Bianco assoluto Sintered stone
    • Sea Breeze Similacquer SA352-M
    • Maple Wood species N-500
    • Terra avana Sintered stone
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