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All about the Factory--manufactured natural stone

A new countertop offering lauched by Miralis

Miralis announces the expansion of its range with the launch of its new line of factory-manufactured natural stone countertops, a product composed of 100% pure minerals and heat resistant. To read the official press release, click here. With its countertops, Miralis - previously only offering cabinets - will be able to apply its philosophy of providing durable products to the entirety of the kitchen.

Its Advantages —
- Extremely heat resistant
- Highly stain resistant
- Durable
- Antibacterial
- Easy to clean
- Non-porous
- Extremely scratch resistant
- Resistant to chemical agents
- Full-body effect (visible veining throughout the entire thickness)

Its Origin —

The factory-manufactured natural stone (also called sintered stone or compact surface) comes from atomic diffusion, a phenomenon that occurs when minerals are:

- Subjected to high pressure
- Exposed to high temperatures

This natural process can be reproduced in a factory in a few hours,
thanks to specialized equipment.

Its Composition —

- 100% natural minerals
- No resin
- No silica