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Everything you need to know about Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse's new bathrooms

If you watched season 2 of documentary series Passion poussière, you probably noticed the living spaces reinvented by Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, including her wonderful bathrooms on the second floor. Discover the inspiration behind the comforting design of her new bathrooms!

After completely renovating the ground floor of her duplex, Sarah-Jeanne tackled the entirety of the second floor to transform her building into a single-family home. Renovating an entire floor means new rooms, and of course, new bathrooms!

The inspiration behind informed choices

It’s by collaborating with firm Appareil Architecture that Sarah-Jeanne conceived of the design and atmosphere she wanted to give the living spaces of her second floor. She wanted to add color and personality to her decor, without otherwise compromising its timelessness.

"In order to combine color and timelessness, we opted for a natural palette - terracotta, clay, warm white - and noble materials like linen or lime in order to create interiors that felt less artificial, less sleek, more textured." - Justine Dumas, designer at Appareil Architecture

Apart from the look, the functional quality of the spaces was also an integral part of the design: the second floor was going to host the daily life of a couple and a young child.

A bathroom for the whole family

The first bathroom was specifically designed for the young family: it had to be fun and practical. For example, the idea of opting for a built-in bath created space on the sides for placing toys, and the drain built into the floor whisks water right away during water battles!

Since Sarah-Jeanne wanted to include color, the goal was reached by adding orange ceramic tiles to the walls, as well as light tiles speckled with blue on the floor and behind the bath. The hint of blue contrasts with the orange, adding a light and fresh touch. Since the space lacks windows, the addition of a glass panel on the wall above the bath lets in natural light from the adjoining room.

This bathroom is unique, not only because of its texture that feels handmade and its natural colors, but also for its custom furniture. Sarah-Jeanne opted for handleless Similaquer cabinets in comet white and an ultra-matte finish. The concealed grip gives the decor a cleaner, streamlined look, while highlighting the simple lines of the furnishings. The counter, on the other hand, is made of concrete with a very fine terrazzo finish.

A functional and minimal shower room

The monochrome shower room draws its minimal and refined spirit from the use of a single type of ceramic tile, cut into 3 different formats: large rectangles on the floor, half-width in the shower, and thin strips affixed to the wall that lend themselves perfectly to the curves.

The custom-designed small vanity showcases the sink and contributes to optimizing the space available in the room. Just like the vanity in the family bathroom, it is a Similaquer cabinet in comet white with a concrete counter, which reinforce the timeless quality of the design.

In order to maximize the amount of light entering the room, the wall between the bathroom and the hallway is entirely made of glass. The addition of two curtains creates privacy if needed, hiding the view of the bathroom from the hallway. The textile, the curves and the creamy white make the room a peaceful space.

These two bathrooms perfectly match the other living spaces on the second floor, which evoke refinement and warm atmosphere. The goal of making it an environment that feels good to live in and inspires relaxation has definitely been reached.

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