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Enns Cabinetry, St. Catharines, Ontario

Enns Cabinetry is Niagara’s renowned custom cabinetry destination. Inspired by his father George – a former installer in Niagara in the 1960s– Art Enns learned the value of hard work and the importance of taking pride in what one has a hand in creating.

In this testimonial, you can see Art Enns, owner of Enns Cabinetry and former kitchen manufacturer, lauding the merits of Miralis and its unwavering commitment to quality.

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Intelligent Kitchen, New York, NY

Intelligent Kitchen is a kitchen and bath renovation studio located on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. They feature contemporary, transitional, and traditional cabinetry curated for the discerning renovator. They leverage the above with decades of combined experience.

In this testimonial, you can see Lauren Park, owner of Intelligent Kitchen, talking about the benefits of the Miralis loyalty program that has brought added value to her business.

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Paragon Kitchens, Guelph, Ontario

Paragon Kitchens is a premier purveyor of luxury custom cabinetry that has been building "Wow" kitchens in Southwestern Ontario for over 30 years. Started by Doug and Mary Brown, the company has grown to become the destination of choice for fine custom cabinetry in Guelph and the surrounding area.

In this testimonial, you can see Mike Brown and Aileen Salva-Brown, designers in the family-owned company Paragon Kitchens, talking about the advantages and the edge Miralis provides his business from an innovation perspective.

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Countrywide Kitchens, Kingston, Ontario

Countrywide Kitchens is a family owned & operated company since 1982. Under the dynamic leadership of Peggy, John, Michelle & Todd, the family continues to operate under a simple philosophy to preserve a balance of quality, service, personalization and value.

In this testimonial, you can see Todd Pearson, the Operations Manager at Countrywide Kitchens with more than 25 years of experience in kitchen design, talking about the benefits Miralis provides his business in terms of our delivery times.

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10 reasons to choose Miralis

  1. For Miralis, innovation is more than a buzz word, it’s a commitment.
    • 36 customer-proposed product enhancements every year;
    • 2 yearly innovative new product launches;
    • 1 bold innovation every 3 years.
  2. You'll be impressed by our state-of-the-art plant, our proprietary robotic lines and our world-class lean manufacturing processes.
  3. Let us redefine your quality standards.
  4. Our Loyalty Program. The 12 benefits of our Preferred Partner Program can add up to $30,000!
  5. Is on time shipping ever a problem? One of the benefits of Preferred Partner status is that if we ever do ship late, we'll pay you 2% cash back.
    • Normal lead time is less than six weeks.
  6. By the way, we provide a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  7. Miralis dealer partners enjoy collaboration with a young, passionate and vibrant team driven by an entrepreneurial family-styled culture.
  8. A vast array of product advantages include:
    • In-house veneer capability with grain matching.
    • Standardized legrabox drawers.
    • Standardized 3/4" construction in plywood or furniture board.
    • Custom capabilities and options.
  9. In addition to our complete color palette, our in-house lacquer development allows us to custom match to specific colors that your clients may request.
  10. The brand-new, rules-based Miralis 2020 catalog will keep you inspired all year-long.