In 2017, when Florence and her partner bought a house built in the 1970s, they went above and beyond in order to transform it into a unifying place where everyone belongs. After major renovations, their kitchen is now a source of great pride. Florence tells us why.

Florence left Montreal three years ago to move to Quebec City with her partner. They both fell in love with an old house on the edge of a park overflowing with green spaces and decided to renovate it and make it their home. With the help of architect Pierre Thibault and many collaborators, they managed to make this house their favourite place in the world.

“Pierre once wrote: 'what if beauty makes you happy?' When we talk about architecture and design, this sentence takes on its full meaning. My kitchen makes me happy because it’s beautiful and it makes me want to spend a lot of time there."

Host Like a Pro Every Single Day 

For Florence, hosting is a work of art, one that needs to be done right. She has always loved to entertain and now her kitchen allows her to do it on a greater scale. The perfect hostess leaves no detail overlooked. Not far from being a passion, cooking for others is a way for her to communicate her affection. This passion for hospitality comes from her grandmother and mother who taught her the importance of small details, each in their own way.

"My passion for hosting mainly comes from my maternal grandmother. Back in the day, she would take out her crystal glasses, even though it was a Tuesday evening. It was her way of making every family dinner magical."

Florence is the kind of person who likes to have people in her home every day and who cares dearly about human connection and interaction. It was this great interest in conviviality that pushed her to seek out Miralis.

"I chose Miralis for its culture and I fell in love with the products. During our home renovations, I was surrounded by a “Miralis Gang” in my kitchen more than a few times. Those were the moments that made all the difference. We felt people wanted to be there and understood our needs."

For a Long Time To Come

Since Florence spends a lot of time in her kitchen and cooks three meals a day in there, its functionality is as important as its aesthetics. Which is one of the reasons she opted to have two islands installed, rather than just one. While one serves mainly as a place to cook comfortably, the other serves as a table and gives her the impression of sitting at the corner of a bar, a bit like in a restaurant, but at home. Together, the two islands allow her to prepare and taste dishes in different atmospheres.

Design-wise, the timelessness is a perk that Florence really likes. Although she's already hosted dozens of dinners, she never gets tired of the decor and is sure to love it just as much in ten years.

"Miralis has allowed us to create a sleek kitchen that we’ll love for many more years to come."

It’s in this kitchen that she, in turn, intends to pass on her passion for cooking and hosting to her two step-daughters-in-law.

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