In the fall of 2019, Anicée took on major renovations in the condo where she has lived for the past seven years. With the help of her kitchen designer, she succeeded in combining her love of beauty and buying local, and creating a kitchen that is 100% her own. Today, she tells us why she is so proud of it.

At the grand age of 38 years old, the director and producer is called - by her profession - to spend most of her time surrounded by people. At home, it's just the opposite: she takes time to treat herself to moments in her condo located in the Centre-Sud district of Montreal. She cooks dishes with seasonal foods and entertains friends with orange wine.

“Almost everyone says they love to cook. Personally, I like to do it for myself. If happiness isn’t going out and buying burrata and some fresh tomatoes at the market - and serving them with fresh basil that I have grown myself - I don’t know what it is."

A Kitchen That Celebrates Her Mother, Now and Forever

Supported by FJORD interior designer Olivier Gregorio, Anicée oversaw the renovations of her kitchen on her own. And it was her mother, who died of cancer four years ago, who gave her the strength to do so.

“My mother was and still is my greatest inspiration. She was my best friend, my sister, and I would even say my soul mate. It was important for me to cherish her legacy through a project that was close to my heart. Since my mother cooked a lot, I thought cooking would be a way for me to honour her and continue to spend time with her every single day."

By bringing together different works of art that belonged to her mother, this room quickly became Anicée’s favourite, and this tribute continues to have real significance in her everyday life. Her sage green cupboards, which she uses as a bookcase, also allows her to display several objects that have stood the test of time: travel souvenirs, recipe books, and even drawings from her childhood.

A Love for Local Artisans

Anicée dresses, eats, decorates, and buys all things local. She even goes so far as to take detours to get Quebec-based local products that cannot be found elsewhere or to change her diet according to seasons to support the province’s agri-food industry. Her open-concept kitchen brings together several objects and accessories that echo this value that has been guiding her life for a very long time now.

"I developed an interest for made-in-Quebec products at a very young age. Buying local is a choice that I make every day, one that I am proud of."

From her Miralis kitchen to the Luminaire Authentik lighting, and APPAREIL architecture stools, Anicée’s kitchen is a true ode to local artisans. Proud to support a company that manufactures quality kitchens in its Bas-Saint-Laurent factory, Anicée is in love with her new space, whose grandeur goes above and beyond its square footage.

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