Many of us dream of a change of scenery. Why don't we have a quick look at the new trends for 2021? Because renovation is also an investment, it's important to bet on a look that will stand the test of time. Can you be fashionable and timeless at the same time? It's all a question of balance between restraint and boldness.


More than ever, warmth is coming indoors. In the wood department, lighter species are popular, especially maple and white oak. You're spending more and more time at home? Quick, some light! Shine soft light on the walls and use velvet to create a mood. Out with the cold whites, in with the cream-coloured accents. Black is replaced in favour of navy while sage is experiencing a mighty renewal. Cozy from A to Z!


Whether it's dining-room benches or wooden stool seats, natural fibres are exploding. Everywhere, noble materials are gaining ground. While cushions are dressed in linen, straw and rattan climb the walls to the ceiling, where lighting fixtures are expanding. As for accessories, pottery and terra cotta are also carving out a place of honour.


No more playing with volumes and opaque chunks. 2021 likes solid colours and simple shapes. The look is becoming more minimal: shaker style or single-piece cabinets, while vertical wooden slats create wonderful dynamic spaces. Terrazzo and ultra-thin porcelain counters are back. Stripped down across the board!


In the kitchen, everything is hidden behind white screens. We're seeing the decline of stainless steel in favour of immaculate white appliances on which handles with bronze, copper, or brass accents stand out. Range hoods are now out of sight: we like them flat or built-in. On cabinets, ultra-delicate handles bank on copper, black, and gold. You'd rather not see them? The trend towards the invisible still holds.


While wall arches are making a comeback in architecture, mid-century modern is still on the rise. Wood species are lighter, however, and the shapes are simpler and often geometric. Curves from the 50s to the 70s are back with a vengeance: tables with rounded corners, light fixtures ringed with copper, half-moon handles, and more.

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